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A post-90s developer living in Beijing, a huge fan of ACG culture and classic rock music, a geek believing in Danshari and keeping the desktop clean with a strong preference for logo-free clothes.

You are welcome to read the reflection of my thoughts on my Blog. I also have a Twitter account but I usually post my brain flash on my Telegram Channel. Plus, I've got a habit of using Douban to rate books, dramas, and movies. If you want to contact me, just send me an Email or hit me up on Telegram.

I am interested in every computer technology but now I'm focusing on the Web area. Currently, I'm working as a frontend developer at Sohu (Beijing). I use Github like most developers. And I have been posting the Notes that I took since I started my programming life, where any comments you may leave are welcome. BTW, if you are hiring right now, then why not take a minute and read my Resume.

Plain and silly as I am, I'm still hoping that I will be able to make a change to the world, even just a tiny little one. I'm always on the road.